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Posted at 04-03-2003 by Raven

Well, it was time once again for the best TFC lan in Belgium ( imo ) : CLW !!!

It all started at 18.00 but most people were a bit late since some of us had to work.
Our group ( me, yd, mif, bey, beau, supra, DesorteD ) left from Leuven @ 20.00 hours. Luckily I got the BIG car from my mother this time, so it wasn't that hard to fit all 7 of us in the 2 cars :)

When we arrived, CLW was allready on its way, and all the other SSK'ers were allready there cept for Cerby i think.
We all got settled in and fired up our freaky pc's to get started with the freakiest lan around :)

CLW Crew had some probs with their webserver so the compo's couldn't start till saturday noon, so we played a few public games, some C&C Generals, some Q3 and some RTCW.

Sadly since we were a large group of our own ( 19 members ) we didn't talk much to other clans, coz we were too busy talking amongst eachother.

TFC and RTCW squads mingled very good, and we all got to know eachother even better :)

Finally saturday the compo's could start. TFC didn't really have any probs with their poule wars, but since the compo's couldn't start sooner, we didn't have time to play BROS in our last poule match. Due to this a toss decided who won our poule, and they had the luck on their side ( I hate murphy and his stupid law :-p ). We went on to the semi-finals to meet BAD. Yes, in the semi's allready ... ( pissing pants :-p )

RTCW didn't have any probs at all since their were only 2 other clans competing, BZZ and ZWAM ( some pickup clan imo). SSK defeated BZZ with 4-0 after a nervous game since BZZ defeated SSK at FOM finals. Since they won all their poule wars, SSK was winner of their poule. SSK were to meet BZZ again in the finals.

In the meantime everyone was also competing in the 1vs1 and 2vs2 compo's and SSK was getting some ownage results :-p.
Fng won Q3 1vs1 and the 2vs2 together with Walkie ( huge SSK fan and irl friend).
X-freeze won the UT2k3 instagib, and our medics became 1st 3 at the TFC 1vs1 compo. To finish off Napoleon won the 1vs1 solly compo.

Sunday morning ... Everyone was beaten, drunk, still asleep, leeching, ...
Once we all woke up we started playing again.
For the RTCW Squad it was time to kick some BZZ ass in the RTCW Finals. Omg, our guys were so nervous. They've beaten BZZ 4-0 in the poule's, but still they were affraid since BZZ won fom over us. But all went well, and SSK won 4-0 in the finals and got to call themselves best RTCW clan @ CLW.

Our TFC squad had to cope with BAD in the semifinals. Maps were 2fort and Roasted (they chose fort, we took roasted ). 2fort started and we were off for a great and tense game.
BAD won 2fort 100-70 and SSK won roasted 40-10 so we were equal in maps and caps 110-110. 3rd map and decider would be 15 mins play on CZ2. But since somehow the config screwed up it became a full map of CZ2.
We started with a 5 solly and 3 meds/scouts setup while BAD used a lot of meds/scouts and few sols/engy.
We controlled from the beginning on ( could be due to BAD having a 4 peeps telefrag ) and we never gave out our lead. There were some chances to get a full cap, but we decided to play safe and keep our scouts behind to recap lost points.
In the end our lead was extended to 25 points so we were safe, and finally when the map ended we all could stress out and go on to the finals.
In the finals we encountered BROS, we were in good shape on CLW. They reached the finals after RASTA got disqualified for using illegal sprites and nemesis hook which was forbidden stated in the rules.
BROS-SSK wasn't too hard, but BROS sure did let us work for our victory. SSK finally came out on top and could call em winners of CLW TFC again.

After that it was time to hand out the prices, and it amazed me how many times SSK got to get on stage. We won a lot of cups and some neat prices too :

TFC 8vs8
RTCW 6vs6
UT2k3instagib : X-Freeze
Q3 1vs1 : Fragneger
Q3 2vs2 : Fragneger + Walkie
TFC 1vs1 Soldier : Napoleon
TFC 1vs1 Medic : DesorteD (followed by neme and bomb )

After handing out all prices and saying goodbey to everyone it was time again to go home. We greeted and thanked the crew for yet again an awesome CLW and got underway for a long drive back home from the Belgian Coast.

For the pics of the lan looky here :

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  Posted by FragNeger @ 13:15, March 4, 2003  
  nice report rav
  Posted by Napoleon @ 13:25, March 4, 2003  
  nice work raven
  Posted by Fax @ 13:29, March 4, 2003  
  nice slut :D
  Posted by YellinD @ 13:40, March 4, 2003  

  Posted by YellinD @ 13:52, March 4, 2003  
  omg rav its RTCW 6v6 ... gg following our game ;)
  Posted by WaLKiE @ 14:53, March 4, 2003  
  SSK is all YD :)
You won TFC => YD was in it
You won RTCW => YD was in it :)

obvious don't you think?:)
  Posted by DesorteD @ 08:53, March 5, 2003  
  nice work rav
  Posted by Cobra @ 11:54, March 5, 2003  
  Des is een slet:p
  Posted by Roundie @ 03:18, March 7, 2003  
  hmm Yd was my favorite for the medic 1v1.. but ok.. he is old and useless now
  Posted by DesorteD @ 09:10, March 7, 2003  
  Roundie:tha shotty did it :)

and offcourse
happy happy joy joy mode :)
  Posted by YellinD @ 03:39, March 9, 2003  
  didnt have time to compete roundie .. sorry to disappoint you :(
  Posted by DannyGobre @ 12:19, June 13, 2017  
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