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Posted at 17-04-2003 by Supradyne

So we decided to do another clanmeeting, this time it was one in Sixflags Belgium. We asked everyone to join but only some of us could come because the others had problems with transport/money/... So Supradyne, Nemesis, A-bomb, DesorteD and last but not least Napoleon were the only ones who were up for some real fun !!!
In the morning:

The morning couldn't begin better ... We were all supposed to go by train but there were some misunderstandings between Napoleon and A-bomb and they missed each other in Dendermonde. So bomb took the train to Leuven and went with me and Des to the park. Napoleon just took the train to Sixflags. After I and Des met A-bomb in Leuven we also took the train and left to Sixflags.
After the morning:

We started the adventure with the cobra (= roller coaster that goes forward but also backward) Then we went to the turbine (= roller coaster that begins with an awesome speed and ends in a very big looping). After this real kick (thrill?) we were up for another challenge: The Dalton Terror. This attraction goes up 70 m in the air and let's you fall down with a huge speed (don't ask me the details) The last attraction before noon was the vampire (= one of the most spectaculair roller coasters in Sixflags) After this one we met Nemesis.
In the afternoon:

Now we decided to do some laternative attractions: radje river, the screamer (Napoleon lost his backpack on this ride wich kinda sucked), the carroussel ...
At 17:30 we had almost done everything and we went back home by train.
It was a real fun day and next time let's hope we can gather some more peeps !!!!!
Greetz SupradynE

The pic with tweety:

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  Posted by Rav @ 12:47, April 17, 2003  
  looks like u guys had fun !! :)

next time wait till we get back from sweden ffs !!! :D
  Posted by YellinD @ 19:09, April 17, 2003  
  yeh ffs mongs

first SSK meeting i missed since i joined


and sixflags is like , in my back yard :(
  Posted by DesorteD @ 03:03, April 18, 2003  
  never missed a clanmeeting either...
u seemed to have had one in Sweden :D
  Posted by *daHool* @ 05:06, April 18, 2003  
  DesorteD had sex with Tweetie!
  Posted by DesorteD @ 10:09, April 18, 2003  
  U are just jealous
  Posted by Napoleon @ 18:16, April 18, 2003  
  Some fucking pricks stole my backpack fs :/
lost a brand new polo, at least i had my wallet whit me ...

anyhow whe had fun, and good report sup

thx for the effort
  Posted by Napoleon @ 18:16, April 18, 2003  
  Posted by Fax @ 13:02, May 24, 2003  
  Posted by Nemoisafag @ 09:19, March 20, 2004  
  Stop sending out virusses you stupid fuck nemo
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