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Fom 5.0
Posted at 21-04-2003 by YellinD

Fom 5.0
Date: 18/04/2003 --> 20/04/2003
Location: Wieze (belgium)

Games hosted by the lan:
RTCW, utk2003, Q3, counterstrike + some dudes that played a bit of other games over lan, there was also a casemod contest to i believe :x.

Anyhow this report only handles about RTCW :]

I hoocked up with my body four-c from clan bonzai round 6 in the evening, we geared up and took off to dze expo halleuh in Wieze. We didn't have to mutch trouble's finding it (it was nearly a 15 mins drive :) but with four-c's lack of coordination you never know :) ).
When we arived we came to the painfull constatation that it was a 200 meter walk from the parckinglot to the entrance, basicly a 200 meter walk isn't so bad but when you have to do it while carying all your pc equiptement it's no joke. Finaly i arived at the ssk table, met freak from clan kreaturen and talked a bit with the clan bonzai members.
Finaly someone of ssk arived, it was dze almighty knotter, as always he was a bit shy and silently said "hej", after some while dar and mif arrived @ the scene, it was the first time i saw those two irl :). We talked a bit and blablabla. Although I was the first to arive of us all it took me the longest to install all my pc gear :/. There where no planned wars on the first day so it was all layed back mixed games and some socializing with other clans. Didn't get mutch sleep first day :(

While everybody was still sleeping i was watching some movies that i leeched on friday, round 9 the breakfast arived i was hungry and so where the rest of us. After eating our breakfast we shedueled our games for the rtcw compo. We played a prac vs K before we had our
offi vs bonzai, the prac was good (due to the fact that we played with to peeps of epsy cause we where with only 4 of ssk :( ), i believe we tied up 2-2 or maybe k won 2-1, console said that we won but game said that k won or smth like that :). We felt prepared for the offi vs
bonzai, maps where ice and base, we had bit of troubs on ice and lost a
game there, base where clean games and we took the winn over bonzai
3-1(thx to our 1337 coach yellinD). We took a litle break and then played our offi vs BZZ, some of us where a bit scared because the fucked it up last fom vs bzz, well I wasn't and i was right (ass
always) and we took bzz down with 4-0 on maps sub and assault,wieeeeeeeeee we advance to the finals on sunday :) .
We closed the day by watching/leeching movies. For me the night was pure horror, the pizza that i ate round 3 made me puke 12 times :( , Finaly i catched some sleep and woke up round 1 in the afternoon :).

Today it was dze grand final day, we played vs clan kreaturen (k lineup: freak, exodus, raza, xter, eski and linker, our lineup: Mif, knot, droeda, MIEEEE and sat and chat from epsylon) on maps ice and beach. I still felt sick and all the others didn't seem to well
either, K totaly owned us on both maps and sow we lost the final, we congratz K and gave them a warm aplause as the whent to pick up their 1337 prize ( a gforce 4 mx 64 ddr :s ). Watched some movies till 6 in the evening and then i said my beyz to all the peeps, packed up and whent home with some good and funn memory's of this lan.

Fom was pure and sollid fun cu nex year FOM!

O and i can't stress it enough, fom pizza sucks!

T3r :x

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  Posted by T3r @ 09:15, April 21, 2003  

  Posted by YellinD @ 09:19, April 21, 2003  
  CU at CLW t3r ;)
  Posted by CiS @ 09:23, April 21, 2003  
  ter got some nice puke-aim i heard :p

GGZ :)
  Posted by Gr00vy @ 08:44, July 14, 2003  
  Let's hold a puke contest @ clw :)
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