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Easter meeting 2005
Posted at 27-03-2005 by YellinD

It has been many months since SSK came together but a few weeks before the easter holiday, des asked me whether we should arrange a new meeting. After looking for a date, we decided last saturday was the best day to do it. After some last minute cancelations, these were the people attending: DesorteD, X-freeze (omg, he's bigger than me now and he has more hair then the rest of SSK all together!), A-bomb, SUPRA!, Bey, Beau, Cerbz, Cerbz' gf Nikki, YellinD(me), Walkie (who arrived later due to work)

At 16.00 we met at the trainstation in Leuven. We still had about an hour before we were supposed to arrive at the restaurant so we could go for a drink. On the way to all the bars, YD made an appointment at Haiti's hairgarden and because he noticed some other people needed a haircut, he gave some haiti flyers to the others (right X-f? ;) )
We found a bar with alot of whiskey so after looking at Bey drooling, we went in for a drink. There was a big screen there showing the Wales-Austria soccer game, but instead of Belgium-Bosnia they were planning on showing Poland-Azerbaidzan?? (All in all a good choice, score was 8-0 :) )
We started chatting and noticed we had alot of catching up to do. Seems nobody is playing mp games anymore :s
It was getting kinda late so we hurried to the restaurant. A slow dutch waiter took our orders and because they had to prepare 8 dishes, we had lots of time to catch up and plan the rest of the day/night. It took a while but we had a good meal (food was good!) and some people ate an ice-cream afterwards (tss... Even I stopped doing that!)

When we left, we decided to go to the poolhall 'De Komma' because there you could both watch Belgium-Bosnia and still have some fun if you wanted (pool, snooker,darts,photoplay (right des?),... )
We saw belgium win the game, bomb lose all his games but one, x-f lose ALL his games and saw we still had time to make the late movie. After travelling whole Leuven by foot, we decided to go see robots. Cerbz nagged alot about being a student and still having to pay full prize, but he could persuade the lady to give his money back... The movie was really hilarious!! Tears came in my eye at a certain moment and I think everybody laughed alot! Recommended movie :)

After the movie, some people left for home (well, most, it was past midnight) but bomb,des,x-f and YD went into town to have a party all night long at 'den exit'. We had a great time and at 5am we went home (well, x-f went to bombies student house, rest went home ) and we all had the feeling that we should do meetings more often... Next meeting might be the house-warming LAN at Bey's place (somewhere during summer) or maybe sooner if we can't wait? We'll see... It was great seeing all those guys again! Too bad Bey forgot his camera in the car, so there are no pictures :(

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  Posted by SupradynE @ 05:02, March 28, 2005  
  nice report!

BUT i was there too!?!
I'm maybe not the biggest one but that's no reason to forget me!:(
  Posted by YellinD @ 06:52, March 28, 2005  
  it's walkie's fault! He arrived later so my count was wrong :/
  Posted by X-freeZe @ 09:17, March 28, 2005  
  it was a damn nice weekend !
and the party at bomb was also kewl :)
  Posted by Cerby @ 21:21, April 4, 2005  
  Robots was worth its money afterall (for those still awake) :)
And btw, beginner's luck @ the pool table, YD :P
  Posted by CiS @ 06:44, August 21, 2005  
  Nice Report. Seemed a good night :)

I catched up with Terrible some time back.
We went clubbin' in brussels :d
He promised to come by and meet me and my friends here in 'de verre limbuuurg' but it hasn't really come to that...yet :)

It's kinda funny, nobody really plays mp games anymore :) Just doing the real life thing.

Quote: "Real life is like FPS, only with better graphics and no respawn" ;)
  Posted by YellinD @ 11:03, December 12, 2015  
  Time for a new meeting imo
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