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[ Date Played : 17-08-2003 ]  
[Overall] [Score : 130-120 ]
Important game, since Rasta seemed to be the toughest team present at CLW

We already drawed them in a friendly at the first day of the lan and we want to do at least equally good this time.

[ Map 1 : Shutdown2 ] [Score : 60-30]
Rasta started off very good in this map, giving SSK defence a hard time and moving the flag all the time. They had a 30-10 lead when SSK defence got more grip on the flagroom and offence started to touch the flag more.
When score reached 60-30 for SSK, all of the sudden half of rasta drops.
There was a problem with their engi, so we idled before that, but the problem didnt go away so their defence was kinda screwed.

Since rasta dropped, we paused the game and went to an admin to ask what to do (apparently a switch was failing)
he decided (after alot of arguing :p ) that we should start map2 and keep the map1 score (only halfway through tho)

[ Map 2 : 2Fort ] [Score : 70-90 ]
We beat them on 2fort in the friendly so we thought we could do that again, but we had some troubles with alot of lift incomings and most of the time even incomings from both lift and spiral. Rasta offence wasall over our bm all the time so they got alot of flags out. Offence tried to keep up but they had about 5 mins without alot of touches and rasta used this to create a gap that we could never close

VGG rasta, very well played, imo best clan i've seen at CLW :o

PS : SSK won CLW after rasta drawed BAD and BAD gave us a default cause their was no time to play anymore (they waited for FuSe to play but he was late or summit :) )

PPS : thx BAD btw :)

[ Comments ]
 Posted by Striker @ 13:44, August 18, 2003 
  gg SSK
were fun wars imo :)
 Posted by ASS-asn @ 05:32, August 21, 2003 
  tja alle kom
twaren toch goeie wars :p
tis ulle gegund (ongeveer :p )
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