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[ Date Played : 01-08-2004 ]  
[Overall] [Score : 270-40 ]
First poule game on CLW 7 LAN. We already beat them in a friendly and noticed that our teamplay was still pretty good (It's been since CLW 5 1 year ago that we played together)

[ Map 1 : Monkey_l ] [Score : 120-10]
BORG chose to play Monkey. Supra was playing T since he was the only active solly during our one year break and he did a great job killing and giving incommings. Bey and YellinD played flagroom, at first each at a side but that didn't go so well (BORG had flagtouches) so later on we changed to 1 top 1 bottom flagroom and that went alot better. BORG used the teleporters in offence which also caused us poroblems, but they stopped that for god knows what reason :)

[ Map 2 : Chimkey_l ] [Score : 150-30 ]
Supra again playing tsp, Bey flagroom and YellinD lift. YellinD never played lift before and it showed ;)
It took us a while to get a decent defence up and even then BORG quite easily reached our flag. But only 3 flags went outside...

GG BORG, cool war!

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